Eros, Family and Community



As a nexus with far-reaching implications within both private and public domains, conceptualization of Eros is a rich locus of signification. In public spheres, Eros directly and deeply affects the nature and character of social organizations, both small-scale units such as the family and larger entities such as communities bound by cultural, religious or ethnic ties. The concept of Eros is essentially interdisciplinary, frequently crossing boundaries and even transgressing limits that define and confine subject, gender, class, ethnicity, nationality and religion. Hence Eros invites and even necessitates interdisciplinary research linking literature, history, sociology, cultural studies, psychology and theology. Accordingly, the proposed project is interdisciplinary, combining Jewish history, Israeli history, Romance literature, Jewish and Hebrew literature, and Classical studies, while utilizing a variety of research methodologies that aim at exposing and investigating the links between the different expressions of Eros in these areas.
Group Members:
Prof. Ruth Fine:
Prof Yosef Kaplan:
Dr. Shimrit Peled:
Prof. Yoav Rinon:
Dana Kaplan: