Call for applications


Research Groups

At any given time, three interdisciplinary research groups are hosted at Mandel Scholion, each focusing on a particular field within the Humanities or Jewish Studies. The groups are composed of senior faculty and doctoral students from the Hebrew University; scholars from outside the University are also frequently invited to participate. The groups strive to study their topics with as much breadth and depth as possible, on the basis of the variety of methodological viewpoints that each scholar brings. Such an opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary research is generally quite rare in the humanities.

Each group consists of eight members – four senior faculty and four doctoral students. Around each group there is also an additional circle of research assistants, students, and other junior scholars who take part in the group's activity.

At the beginning of each academic year, the Center announces the annual competition for three-year Research Groups. Mandel Scholion’s academic committee chooses the new group in its January meeting.


Doctoral Fellowships

Around February each year, the Center publishes a call for applicants for the four positions of doctoral students who will join the group. Those four positions are open to doctoral students at the Hebrew University whose fields of research are close to that of the group. 

The Call for Applications for Doctoral Fellowships of 2022-2025 is available until 6 March 2022.


Mandel Scholars

The Mandel Scholarship Program offers two or three postgraduate research fellowships each year in the fields of humanities and Jewish Studies. The fellowship is open to Israeli and international scholars who have completed their PhDs. We select scholars who have demonstrated exceptional research abilities and whose research contains the potential to promote novel academic and cultural discourse from among the many applicants from Israel and abroad.

The call for applications is published every year in early June. The files of all the applicants are sent for external evaluation, after which the Mendel Scholion Center Academic Committee that consists of renowned researchers from the Hebrew University and other institutions in Israel and around the world convenes. A small number of candidates  are carefully selected for interviews with the academic committee members, after which the fellowship is offered to those the committee sees as most promising.

The scholars selected at the end of this process are invited to work at the Mandel Scholion Center for a period of up to three years. During their stay at the center, they enjoy ideal conditions in which to progress with their research. They also teach one course each term they are in trresidence (2 hours per week). In addition, they receive a generous research stipend fund with which they can cover research expenses and organize research activities. Sample call for applicants.