Call for Applications

Mandel Fellows

The call for applications is published every year in early June. The deadline is in September, the year before the fellowship is supposed to begin. The files of all the applicants are sent for external evaluation, after which the Mendel Scholion Center Academic Committee that consists of renowned researchers from the Hebrew University and other institutions in Israel and around the world convenes. A small number of candidates are carefully selected for interviews with the academic committee members, after which the fellowship is offered to those the committee sees as most promising. The scholars selected at the end of this process are invited to work at the Mandel Scholion Center for a period of up to three years.


Research Groups

A call for proposal of research groups is distributed each year by the month of June, 2.5 years before said group is due to start its work at Mandel Scholion. The last date to send the proposals is the following December, and Mandel Scholion's academic committee chooses the new group in its January meeting, one and a half years before it is set to begin.

During February of the academic year preceding the start of the research group's tenure at Mandel Scholion, the Center issues a call for applications for the four positions of doctoral students who will join the group during the coming year. These four positions are available to doctoral students at Hebrew University whose research interests are similar to those of the group and we invite students from elsewhere to join the Hebrew University via this group. During the months of March and April, a committee interviews the applicants and selects four to form the research group, along with the senior researchers.

Each group also employs a research assistant.

The research group starts its work at Mandel Scholion in October, 1.5 years after it is chosen, six months after the doctoral students are chosen.