Clarifications For CFA: Frequently Asked Questions


Clarifications for CFA: Mandel Scholion's Doctoral Fellowships in the Humanities and Jewish Studies for 2021-2024


Questions Answers

I have difficulties registering or uploading files.

For any technical difficulties with the registration website, please contact the support staff:

If I have further questions, can I get in touch?

Yes, feel free to ask any questions via our email:

Does it matter when one submits the application?

Yes, you have to submit all the required documents, including the recommendations by the 14th of March, 2021. We will not receive materials after the final date.

My research is related to the group's theme, but I cannot commit to being present on campus four days a week, can I still apply for the scholarship?

You have to be present at Mandel Scholion a minimum of four days of the week. You can apply only if are willing to undertake all the conditions of the scholarship.

I have two more years until I finish my PhD, may I apply?

Yes, you can apply, even if you are in the middle of your PhD.

I am in the final stages of completing my M.A thesis at another institution and I intend to continue to a PhD, may I apply for the doctoral fellowship in Mandel Scholion?

In order to be accepted, you have to be affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. You may apply if you commit to start your PhD at HUJI and participate in the group's activities. You have to confirm your status as a doctoral student at HUJI in Fall 2021. If you aren't registered yet, you must apply by 01/07/2021 and be registered by 10/10/2021 as a PhD candidate. You also must find a supervisor in order to register

I intent to start my PhD next year at another institution; may I still apply for the scholarship? In order to be accepted, you have to be affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.