Frequently Asked Questions


I am in the final stages of completing my degree. Can I apply?

Yes, Candidates who have not yet completed their degrees may apply if they will submit their dissertations by September 15, 2020. If awarded the fellowship; their acceptance will be final upon completion of their doctoral degrees by April 1, 2021.

It has been several years since my PhD was awarded, until when can I apply?

Applications will be accepted from candidates who completed their doctoral degrees no earlier than October 1, 2016. If you were on documented medical leave or maternity leave, please contact us to adjust this date.

What is Mandel Scholion Center policy on diversity and equal opportunity?

We are looking for candidates with high research skills and who strive for excellence. We welcome diverse candidates. Please add any information you think is important on these matters on your application form

How are the applications processed?

After the applications are submitted on Sept. 15th, each application is sent to 2 external readers. Only the applications that receive high assessments from both readers are then read by all the committee members and a short list of 6-8 people who are invited to the interview is created. These people are then invited to the interview.

When will the candidates be informed about the committee's decisions?


Candidates invited to an interview are informed no later than 3-4 weeks before the interview date, during the first week of December 2020. If you are not chosen to be interviewed, you will also receive an answer at this time.


Can my proposal be on any topic?

Yes, you can propose a research on any topic that is relevant to the Humanities at large.

What guidelines should I follow when writing my proposal for my post-doctoral project?

Please explain what is new about your proposal and how it is appropriate for a three-year time frame. We advise you to seek a balance between specialists in the field and a proposal written for a broad humanities committee. It is also useful if you explain briefly how your new project came out of your doctoral research. Although we know that you will most probably spend part of your postdoctoral years turning your dissertation into a book, it is important to give the committee an idea of your future plans and directions.

Whose responsibility is it to ensure that my letters of recommendation arrive on time?

Yours!  Please make sure your recommenders have received all the information from you ahead of time, and double check online that everything has arrived before the final date. Please do not wait until the last minute with this or any aspect of the application.

If I have further questions, can I get in touch?

Yes, feel free to ask any question via our mail:

Does it matter when one submits the application?

Yes, you can submit only until September 15th 2020. We will not receive application or documents after the final date.

If I have applied unsuccessfully in the past, should I try again?

Definitely, you should apply again. Some of our post-docs were only successful on their second and third tries. Good luck!