Congratulations to our Mandel Scholion doctoral students who won scholarships and awards

26 May, 2021


Adi Namia-Cohen, “Setting Tables” research group (Department of Jewish History) was awarded a scholarship from the Ish Tov and Fania Shraga Fund and from the Zehava Lambert Fund for the Study of Middle Eastern Jewry.

Yonatan Harel, "In Someone Else’s Shoes” research group (Department of Art History) was awarded the Joseph Trink Fellowship for excellence in the Humanities.

Ronnie Agassi, "Past and Past Perfect" research group (Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies) was awarded The Middle East & Islamic Studies Association of Israel (MEISAI) award for the best Master’s thesis (2021) "The Role of the Persian Book of Kings (Shāhnāmeh) in the Ottoman Imperial Court of the Sixteenth Century" (Tel Aviv University, 2020).

Best of luck in your research and work!