Aysheh Maslemani

Department Cognitive and Brain Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mandel building, room 250

Aysheh is a PhD student in the Department of Cognitive and Brain Sciences at Hebrew University, and a member of “The Evolution of Attention in Modern and Contemporary Culture” research group at the Mandel Scholion Research Center.
She received her B.A in chemistry and business administration from Bethlehem University in the Palestinian Territories. During her work as a science teacher, she explored her passion for learning about the cognitive processes responsible for creative and critical thinking. 
In 2018 she started her M.A studies in cognitive and brain sciences at the Hebrew university. Her thesis, written under the supervision of Prof. Anat Maril and Prof. Yacouv Schul, investigates people’s ability to distinguish between facts and opinions. Specifically, when the content of new information reconciles or conflicts with their knowledge/ opinions. 
Aysheh’s interests are in the interaction between culture and mind, comparing cognitive mechanisms in people from different social and religious backgrounds. Her PhD dissertation, under the supervision of Prof. Ariel Knafo-Noam and Dr. Ruth Mayo, examines the relationship between values and the ability to distinguish between facts and opinions, inquiring, Are people’s values predictive of which ideas they see as facts, and which as opinion? and what is the distraction mechanism that can explain this relationship?

Today, alongside her PhD studies, she was granted a scholarship from the Federman Center of Rationality Studies. Aysheh is a teaching assistant in the Department of Psychology and serves as mentor for Arab students in the Department of Cognitive Science at the Hebrew University.