Hadass Shambadal

The institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Room 235, Mandel Building, Mt. Scopus Campus

Hadass Shambadal is a PhD-student in the department of Archeology in the Hebrew University and a member of Mandel Scholion Research Center's group: "Setting Tables: Eating, Social Boundaries and Intercultural Transfers". Her dissertation is written under the guidance of Prof. Uzi Leibner and Prof. Zeev Weiss. It deals with the ways in which food was produced, stored and consumed within domestic structures in Roman Palestine, using an interdisciplinary approach which examines the material remains unearthed in archeological excavations and compares them to the information embedded in Rabbinic literature.  The juxtaposition of archeological finds with Rabbinic literature not only deepens our understanding of both types of evidence, but also enables an insight into the daily life, the social structures and the cultural connections of the population of Roman Palestine in the first few centuries CE.