Dr. Judith Weiss

Judith Weiss studied Jewish Thought and Musicology in the Hebrew University and graduated as a Kreitman doctoral fellow in Ben-Gurion University in 2013. Her published studies deal with medieval Jewish Kabbalah as well as with Christian interest in Kabbalah during the Renaissance. Her PhD dissertation was dedicated to the annotated Latin translation of the Zohar composed by the Renaissance Christian orientalist and mystic Guillaume Postel (1510-1581). Upon completion of her dissertation, she spent a year as a Rothschild fellow in Paris studying Christian Latin manuscripts dealing with Kabbalah. Weiss is currently pursuing her research projects on Jewish and Christian Kabbalah as a Lady Davis fellow at the Hebrew University. In her proposed research for Mandel Scholion, she intends to expose and identify the actual kabbalistic traditions immersed in Kabbalistic Christian writings, estimate their scope, and describe their unique ways of adaptation.