Dr. Karin Nisenbaum

Karin Nisenbaum
Assistant Professor, Colgate University, N.Y

Karin Nisenbaum studied philosophy and literature at the University of Chicago, where one of her main areas of interest was the ethics of memory; then she pursued graduate work in philosophy and Jewish studies, completing an MA in Continental Philosophy at University College Dublin and a PhD in Philosophy and Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto. Her doctoral dissertation focuses on Franz Rosenzweig's inheritance and critique of post-Kantian idealism, showing the relationship between religious belief and a conception of oneself as a free moral agent. Currently she is a Visiting Scholar and Lecturer at the Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Denver. She has proposed two related projects to Scholion: the first develops a conception of selfhood, and provides an account of moral judgment informed by Kant, Schelling, and Rosenzweig; the second draws on German Idealism, Phenomenology, and Existentialism to offer a response to contemporary Anglophone objections to Kant's method of philosophical argumentation—the method of transcendental argumentation.