Dr. Rachel Wamsley

Rachel Wamsley

Rachel Wamsley received her doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley, where she specialized in early modern Yiddish literature. Her research deals with the intersection of exegesis, poetics, and the cultural history of the book. Recently, she has been a Starr Fellow in Judaica at Harvard University, Mellon Fellow in Critical Bibliography at the University of Virginia, and Sassoon Visiting Fellow at the Bodleian Library’s Centre for the Study of the Book. She has published in Lias, Journal of Early Modern Intellectual Culture and Its Sources and Studies in American Jewish Literature. Her current book-project, Archaism and Anachronism: Exercises in Historical Imagination, is a diachronic study of archaism and anachronism as the rhetorical strategies of a self-consciously historical imagination operative in biblical hermeneutics and literary modernism alike. A second project, Unstable Exegesis: Tanakh and Textuality in Early Modern Yiddish, explores how the intensive interaction of Jews, converts, and Christians in early modern printing houses came to decisively shape the transmission of Yiddish biblical literature.