Shai Satran

Sociology and Anthropology, The Hebrew University
Mandel School, Room 245, Mount Scopus Campus.

Shai Satran is a doctoral candidate in the department of sociology and anthropology in the Hebrew University. His research, under the supervision of Dr. Eitan Wilf and Prof. Yoram Bilu, is an ethnographic examination of computerized psychotherapy practices, and their effects on the therapeutic profession. Shai has a bachelor's degree in psychology and the humanities ("amirim" honors program) from Hebrew University, and a Master's degree in clinical psychology from Tel Aviv University. His Master's thesis, written under the supervision of Prof. Haim Omer, was published in the journal Psychological Review. Shai is a recipient of the Hebrew University's president scholarship and is a member of the Hoffman program for outstanding doctoral students. Shai teaches an undergraduate course on Freud in the "amirim" program in the humanities, and is a TA in the department of sociology and anthropology.