Prof. Yossi Maurey

Yossi Maurey
Mandel Scholion – Interdisciplinary Research Center in the Humanities and Jewish Studies Mandel Building Mt. Scopus Jerusalem 9190501

Yossi Maurey holds a Ph.D. (2005) in musicology from the University of Chicago, and serves as Senior Lecturer at the Department of Musicology at the Hebrew University since 2008.  He specializes in medieval sacred music, liturgy, and ritual, and has a special interest in the confluence of theology, music, manuscript culture and ideology.  Among his recent publications are St Martin in Music, Ritual and Hagiography: The Local Foundations of a Universal Saint(Cambridge University Press, 2014), Historia Sancti Gatiani, Episcopi Turonensis.Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen/ Musicological Studies LXV/23 (Lions Bay, Canada: The Institute of Medieval Music, 2014), and two edited volumes:  a book he co-edited with Joan Goodnick-Westenholz and Edwin Seroussi, Sounds from the Past: Music in the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean World(Berlin: De Gruyter Oldenburg, 2014.), and a book he co-edited with Christine Bousquet-Labouérie:Espace scare, memoir scare. Le culte des évêques dans leurs villes, IVe-XXe siècle: Actes du colloquy de Tours, 10-12 juin 2010, Hagiologia, Vol. 10 (Brepols, 2015).   During the Academic year 2015/16, Yossi is also member of a research group at the Israel Institute of Advanced Studies, entitled The Poetics of Christian Performance: Prayer, Liturgy and their Environments in East and West (5th to 11th Century).