Liturgy and Arts

liturgy and artsLiturgy is intrinsically interdisciplinary and comprises musical, dramatic, theatrical and devotional elements of great consequence to believers far and wide. It is both history and theology, purporting to reflect and propagate values that inform individuals and communities alike, playing a vital role in the construction of sacred and lay memory. As a multi-sensory experience, liturgy maintains a dynamic relationship with the surrounding space and its visual components, including art, artifacts and architecture.

The group, comprising four medieval historians, among them a musicologist, two art historians, and during the first year, a specialist on medieval performance - seeks to engage in a comparative and interdisciplinary discourse, in order to contextualize the liturgical practice within the production of medieval cultural memory, and within the symbolic traditions expressed through liturgy and the arts. Our sources include texts, rituals, music, theater and visual media from Western Europe (Christian and Jewish) and the Latin Levant.


Group Members:

Prof. Sarit Shalev-Eyni

Prof. Iris Shagrir

Dr. Yossi Maurey

Prof. Galit Noga-Banai

Netta Amir

Noam Yadin Evron

Uri Jacob 

Avia Shemesh